Top Areas Of Your Home You Never Thought You Would Remodel

Creating a home, we can be proud of is the American dream.  Having a cool home that is unique and functional is now the trend many are striving for.  In the past simple additions to the home such as new floors, countertops and lighting were top on the list.  Now, with modern technology and electronic gadgets home renovation austin tx possibilities have reached new heights.

Sensory lighting

The first cool thing you might want to consider with your renovations is sensory lighting.  This is lighting that senses when you enter and leave a room.  How it works is LED lights will be installed throughout the room.  These lights are attached to a motion sensor that detects when a large enough object enters the field of view.  When this happens, the lights will turn on and then off once triggered again.

Voice commands

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The world of Star Trek is in our grasp.  With virtual assistants such as Google and Alexa we now have the power to work voice commands on all of our appliances, lighting and other home toys.  When using these assistants, however, be aware that they may take some time to be trained.  However, once they are up and running it will be a real cool experience.

Unique shaped rooms and objects

The world of 3D printing is now available to us.  With this technology we now have the ability to design anything we can think of and have it printed from any material we want.  Using a series of lasers these printers can cut wood, metal, plastic and more.  Using different materials objects that are designed in 3D software can be printed to scale such as accessories, door handles and much more. 

When designing our homes, we have so many options to choose from.  When deciding on what to do you want to really think outside of the box and allow your creative juices to flow.